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 Instalare veryhub pe linux

In jos 
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MesajSubiect: Instalare veryhub pe linux   24th Martie 2008, 19:05

In primul rand, trebuie sa luati verlihub de aici. Dupa ce avem sursa folosim urmatoarea comanda (pentru a extrage arhiva intr-un folder)
tar zxvf verlihub-0.9.8c.tar.gz
Pentru a instala verlihub, ne trebuie urmatoarele:
- gcc version >= 3.2 (gcc --version will tell you the version number)
- mysql (cel putin v3.23) Pentru Slackware folositi cel putin v4.0.20
- Perl-compatible regular expression library (pcre)
- GeoIP
Pentru utilizatorii de fedora/suse/mandrake aceste pachete pot fi gasite aici.
acestor pachete nu face obiectul tutorialului asa ca vom trece mai
departe -pentru detalii in legatura cu instalarea si configurarea mysql
click aici
Dupa ce am instalat si configurat pachetele de mai sus, putem incepe sa instalam verlihub
primul rand, sursa trebuie compilata deci mergem in folderul unde am
extras arhiva (ex.: /root/verlihub-0.9.8c) si folosim comanda:
./configure apoi comanda make.
Pentru utilizatorii Debian: s-ar putea sa trebuiasca sa folositi mai intai comanda chmod +x ./configure si apoi ./configure.
Dupa ce am compilat sursa pentru a instala verlihubul folosim comanda:
[color:c610="orange"]make install. Apoi rebootati.
Apoi pentru a configura verlihub, mergem in cd /root/verlihub-0.9.8c/scripts unde scriem
[color:c610="orange"]./vh_install :
Your name ? (root) apasati enter

Hello root,
let's start with configuration of database access.

mysql database for verlihub will be called? (verlihub) apasati enter
mysql user to access verlihub gonna be? (verlihub) apasati enter
password to access verlihub be? (1110079846) apasati enter
mysql server will run where? (localhost) apasati enter
user = verlihub
password = 1110079846
host = localhost
database = verlihub
This database account cannot be accessed
Is this info correct ? (Y/N)y
Do you want to create database now? (Y/N)y
Ok preparing mysql.
You probably need administrator access to mysql database
mysql administrator username? (root)press enter


You'll be now promted by mysql client for password of root@localhost
Enter password:enter mysql root password
This database account exists


root, you need to choos a place for the configuration files
The order of folder that verlihub is looking for is following:

1 - variable $VERLIHUB_CFG - -inexisting-
2 - ./.verlihub - /root/verlihub-0.9.8c/scripts/.verlihub -inexisting-
3 - /root/.verlihub - /root/.verlihub -inexisting-
4 - /usr/local/etc/verlihub - /usr/local/etc/verlihub -inexisting-
5 - /etc/verlihub - /etc/verlihub -inexisting-
if two or more of these exist, lower number has priority

what is will be the configuration folder ? (/etc/verlihub)press enter
The config folder /etc/verlihub does not exist and would be created
Do you want to continue with these settings (if not then select another folder) ? (Y/N)y
Written: /etc/verlihub/dbconfig


Wait few seconds.
./vh_install: line 63: Killed $bindir/verlihub 1 >&/dev/null
root, now I will ask you few more questions about your future hub, if you permit.

Try to not put many special characters, you'll be able to put some later

Give me your DC hub master nickname. ([SU]root)think of a master nickname and enter it here
Choose your password. (1110079846) enter a password for the master nickname
will be default ONE hub port number? (4111)[Choose a port; < 1024
verlihub needs to run as root. Default: 4111, DC uses 411.]
What will be your hub hostname? ()enter the url of your hub
Give me the name of your hub (hub of root) enter the name of your hub
Hub: ''
url: 'dchub://:'
Master user: ''
Master's password: ''
Is this info correct ? (Y/N)y
FYI: settings are going to be created or updated
will invoke the command
class is 10
nick is
password is

Acum putem porni verlihubul cu urmatoarea comanda:

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MesajSubiect: Re: Instalare veryhub pe linux   14th Aprilie 2008, 12:34

GG man Very Happy
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Instalare veryhub pe linux
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